Give HOPE a Ride

Donate Your Vehicle to Barrett Foundation through Give HOPE a Ride

Give Hope a Ride is a fast, easy vehicle donation program serving Barrett Foundation and other New Mexico nonprofit agencies. When you donate your vehicle through Give Hope a Ride, you:

  • Help Barrett Foundation raise money to help homeless women and children lead independent lives;
  • Qualify for an IRS tax deduction;
  • Get free vehicle pick-up regardless of your vehicle’s condition or just drive it in and drop it off;
  • Avoid hassles with the MVD, placing an ad, taking phone calls, showing your vehicle repeatedly

To donate your vehicle, please complete and submit the form below. Thank you for your support.

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Optional Information:

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If not, enter vehicle location (street, city, state, zip) here:

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Details of mechanical concerns: (i.e. burns oil, needs battery)

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